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To commute or to work locally

Having recently travelled to London at rush hour and watching all of the different workers get on and off the train I personally made the decision that travelling to London for work is definitely not for me. During my journey I took some time to speak to a few people about the pros and cons of the commute. Is commuting to London or even further afield worth it, is working in London something you have considered when looking for a new job?

Let’s start with the Pro’s

  • Normally you will earn more money
  • You will possibly have better career prospects
  • London tends to have some of the larger organisations that you may want to work for
  • A better social life with plenty of places to eat and drink after work
  • There is a quicker pace and busier feel about being in London

So over to the Con’s

  • Work life balance – the commute eats into your work day
  • Cost – although you can get a yearly pass which is cheaper than a travel card it cost me £29.00 for my travel card
  • Uncomfortable journey to work with sometimes only standing room on the trains, very packed tubes, definitely not one for the claustrophobics.

What do you need to consider when thinking about being a commuter

  • Could you get the same career prospects if you worked locally
  • Some of the larger Companies are moving out of London
  • If you start your career in London what is next for you, will you have to always work in London as you will not normally get the same salary package locally
  • Will you find in difficult to adapt to working locally after being in London

W would recommend that you do your own research and as part of this research you may even want to take a commuter journey on the trains and tubes to London, if you don’t like crowds, you should defiantly consider working locally.

Editorial: Rachel Oliver, Clockwork Recruitment

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