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It’s a building filled with hustle and bustle. Everyone’s stepping around the room but really taking steps forward in their careers. And with a smile that exudes customer service at the Woking Careers Fair, Rachel Oliver couldn’t be more proud.

Starting her recruitment career in 1996, Rachel is now Director at her own business, Clockwork Recruitment. Their brand statement is to-the-point and perfectly summed up by Rachel’s demeanour: “To us, it’s personal.” It doesn’t take long to see that Rachel’s dedication to ‘service with a smile’ has led to her successful career, and maintaining a flexible, fun working attitude is something she encourages within her team.

“The majority of our business is based on referral. From negotiating a deal to interacting with candidates, we keep a warm smile and know that the more we put in the more we’ll get out.

“I never thought I’d have my own business, but I stayed focused, and from being involved in so many other roles including Woking Chamber of Commerce and CMPP, I’ve seen that hard work truly does pay off. Having a team around me who share that same belief is something I’m incredibly proud of.”

With a passion for connecting people to their dream jobs, Rachel’s involvement with the Woking Careers Fair is a no-brainer. With so many people in the room actively mapping out their futures, we can’t help but ask, why is Woking so good for business?

“Woking Borough Council’s regeneration is a vision of a vibrant place for businesses to thrive. We have already seen new jobs being created, and I have no doubt that there will be even more opportunities for candidates when the work is complete.”

But Woking isn’t just a great place to work, as Rachel loves nothing more than a day off to take her pup for a nice long walk along the beautiful Basingstoke Canal.

Get your career in Woking on the fast-track when you contact Rachel Oliver and her team today at

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