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   INTERVIEW COACHING - Tricia Woolfrey FCIPD,MNLP - Founder of PW Consulting Ltd.

Having interviewed thousands of candidates in my career in HR means I know exactly what companies are looking for and how they go about discovering if you are right for them. There are good interviewers who really know how to find out everything about you and there are poor interviewers who don't always give you the opportunity to shine. I will teach you exactly how to make the most of your interview so you have the best chance of getting the job that is right for you.

Since my career in HR, I have set up my own business. PW Consulting Limited helps individuals like you to improve your performance, your productivity and your stress resilience so you are at your best. 

When I'm not with clients or writing books (I have written self-help books, one on presentation skills, and one on business), I can be found either walking the dog - preferably in the countryside- or going to the gym.  All this exercise means I can indulge in my other favourite past time - eating good food with friends. 



Getting the right job is just as much about how you perform at interview as it is about whether you have the right skills or background. In fact, sometimes, how well you handle yourself in the interview can be more important than your background.  Interviews can be daunting. Having the confidence to deal with all kinds of interview, making the right impression, answering the questions in the best way and having a good rapport with your interviewers can make all the difference to your success.


Making a career move is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.  Making sure its the right one will help you towards job fulfilment and career success.  Our career counselling will help you to understand exactly the right role for you and the kind of organisation which will suit you.

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